My first ... and ... most likely my last ...  selfie.

My first ... and ... most likely my last ... selfie.

A quarter century ago It was Kodachrome...

 ... now I use the same "uniquely expressive" photographic perspective and talent in the digital world. Today we load SD cards, back then we threaded film from a canister. Instead of hundreds of images per card we got 24 or 36 images per roll. Today we use Lightroom, where once we used darkrooms. With current digital cameras and tools, there is an entirely new universe for combining photography with traditional artistic formats. Regardless of the medium, the emotions we feel while viewing photos and photographic art remains the same.  

Born in the Midwest. First visited Bucks County in 1978 as a college intern. Moved here in 1980. After 35 very successful years in corporate America, I have decided to pursue my passion for photography, specifically fine art photography.

When I am not creating uniquely expressive images for the gallery, capturing non-studio portraits, dinners or children sporting events, I am a Fire & Rescue Photographer for Midway Volunteer Fire Company.

Plus, if you are a fan of The Bucks County Herald, you will often find my photojournalist images of major events or seasonal inspiration on the front page. 

When in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, please visit The Upstairs Galleryin the Peddler's Village Courtyard to enjoy my pieces as well as the works of my fellow artists.

I look forward to meeting you! Until then, please enjoy the images here. And, of course, please contact me if I can be of service.