Having a diverse skill set it is hard to decide what to include in a professional portfolio. The balance is between too much, which overwhelms, and not enough which underwhelms. Taking liberties from Goldilocks, "I want a portfolio that is just right."

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Content appears in several local papers. Most often it appears in the bowels with an article. However, sometimes it make the cover and above the fold.  


stock photography

The inspration for a lot of my Photocolors come from stock photography I shoot. The motivation for any given photo is hard to explain, there is something that is "unique" or "expressive" about what I am looking at. The challenge is to capture it. 

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event photography

I always find it challenging to photograph events. The challenge is to convey the "feeling" of the event for the client. 

Regardless if it is a kids sporting event where you want to capture the passion in their faces or the formalness of an awards dinner, the challenge remains the same ... uniquely express the "feeling"!

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real estate photography

Whether it is for a client or as the foundation to one of my Photocolor Fine Art pieces, real-estate photography requires a keen eye as well as camera and retouching skills to acquire the desired results.