Product Info - Renderings

Product Information - Renderings

The image renderings are known as a Photocolors™. They start as a digital photograph shot in a RAW format, edited with Adobe® products, using digital brushes (stylus), creative filters and other digital techniques to gain the desired outcome. The resulting art combines the reproductive qualities of a photo with the distinctive style of a watercolor to create a unique result.



Available directly from M. Louis Photography, rendered on Monadnock Paper Mills, Fine Art Cold Pressed Watercolor Rag Stock.

Render Process

All images are inked following the same Giclée process used in Fine Art Photography.

5 inch by 7 inch, approximate size due to cropping

8 inch by 10 inch, approximate size due to cropping



All items rendered by M. Louis Photography are signed and dated on the back.

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Reproduction in any form is expressly prohibited.