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Quote Request for Commissioned Photocolors


If you are interested in having your special photograph rendered as a Photocolor, please complete the Quote Request Form below and I will be in touch with you via email within 24-hours.

Please also read the FAQ's below or use the Quote Request Form to ask a question.

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Photocolor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is a Photocolor? 

Photocolors™ start as photographs captured in a raw format, edited with Adobe® products using digital brush techniques to gain the desired effect. 

All images are rendered on Monadnock Paper Mills Fine Art Cold Pressed Watercolor Rag Stock following a Giclée process.

The resulting art combines the reproductive qualities of a photo with the creative style of watercolor to create a unique result.

What does a Photocolor cost?

The cost for your Photocolor will directly depend on the complexity and time it takes to create your rendering. This is not an automated process. And, because it is not, the cost varies based on materials and time.

Once I have a copy of your photo and understand your objective I will prepare a quote before work begins. That said, prior quotes for a simple 5-inch by 7-inch unframed have started at $93 (plus tax and shipping).